Entertainment/ Companionship...

*Private- One on One Companionship...

*Body Rubs, Adult Modeling and

*Meal Dates- Followed by ME and/or Laci for dessert- YUMMY!



*Nude- Pedicure and/or Manicures By Lovely- Let ME massage and give YOUR feet the LOVELY touch!

...I am a Licensed Nail Specialist/ Technician

*Topless/ Nude Lap Dancing-  I have got the moves to keep YOU coming back for MORE!

*Topless/ Nude House or Business Cleaning, etc.

*Role Play- You can be "Tarzan", I can be "Jane". lol

*Arm Candy 4U: ))- Night on the Town- Dining, Sight Seeing, Dancing, Movie Night, etc.

*Manscaping- Let Lovely Clean U Up!... "Groom U Lovely Style".

*LIVE Voyeur shows - Watch me... (YOU fill in blank)

*Email, Call or text me for details- $20+ a picture-  after five (5), $17 a pic... Just for you!

You send check or money order to my mailing address.

I email you or text NEW pics of me to desired destination of your choosing.




*Where NO ONE gets hurt- I am a LOVER NOT A FIGHTER!

*Body Worship Fetish ( Worship my body, we can end w/ me worshipping yours!)

Lacatation Fetish- Got Milk? If not u can have some of Lovely's!-No longer OFFERED:(

*Foot Fetish

*Tickling Fetish

*Domination (ME)/ Submission (YOU)

... YOU can be MY Bitch boy. I will be YOUR' Mistress Lovely !


** Call 'Lovely" for details.


***Bachelor, Bachelorette, Divorce and Poker Parties- Let's get the Party STARTED!


Do not see anything YOU are interested in Call for details or with YOUR inquiries.

Tasteful Inquiries Please and Thank You!

Adult Entertainment & Companionship @ It's Finest

South West Florida's Best Kept Secret!

Lovely Does it Better...

Live * Laugh * Lovely

Lovely * (941) 681- 0609 * lovelyentstudios@aol.com

We ALL get lonely sometimes...

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