Lovely Wants U2 Know...

Let me first start by saying I genuinely thank you for showing an interest me!!!

AND taking the time to do as I require one to if they are INDEED truly interested me.

I GREATLY appreciate it!

Also that if you do call me  & I do NOT answer

please try again - Google Voice #  and it sometimes will not ring through to me/connect call.


Secondly, I am NOT as busy as one may think as far meeting people from site

- I am indeed busy with life ie family, school, work (nail tech. and cargiver).

However will do my best to make time for friends as I can usually be flexible with my day to day schedule.


3) Never Any Bait & Switch with Me!

Also PLEASE do not confuse MY confidence with arrogance.


4) By contacting me you agree that-

I am compensated for Companionship and Entertaining YOU.

Whatever happens outside of that is between CONSENTING [Grown-A**] Adults: ).

and between two liked minded open sexually free individuals.

I joke that I am Allergic to broke!!! lol.


I love a man that does not mind taking care of or assisting a ME with my goals

and life's goals and aspirations through a mutually beneficial relationship.

I am Lucky that I'm a Cute Lady with a Lovely Personality ...

I IMPLORE YOU to Find Out For Yourself.

Take the chance on me!


5) I agree to meet you,

that can ONLY happen if you were to CALL me,

As I will NOT make appointments, commit to nor do I book sessions through text or email for those I have not met.

Nor will entertain endless emails and text that go nowhere.



6)  PASS screening process, it is as simple as reading over my site,

once YOU have read over site most important CALLING ME and being RESPECTFUL!!!

My #1 goal is to make YOU happy, ENTERTAINING YOU!!!

LOVING and having FUN doing what I do.


7) If YOU are wanting to come to me or have me host (At MY Fort Myers Location) YOU must be willing to meet me first for a complimentary meet & greet (coffee or cocktail) lasting no longer than 15-20 minutes.

If I do agree to meet you I AM VERY MUCH INTERESTED in ENTERTAINING YOU that day...

AND having YOU come back to my place.

Think of us meeting first as an added precaution for us both as I do NOT give my adrress to those I have not met.

Brief meet & greet on me (15-20 mintues tops), anything after those 15-20 minutes AND session time on YOU.


8)I do not ask Nor have I ever requested anyone write a review for me...

There are many Lovely imitaters, etc...but ONLY one Lovely... THE Original.

Also, I am not fond of kissing & telling so to speak however...


YOU will be pleasantly suprised but satisfied or session on ME!


9) I do NOT entertain or meet new friends AFTER TEN (10pm).

Old friends available with notice ANYTIME... at your beck and call when available.


10) I am about forming LONG Lasting Connections & Friendships.

***On going Arrangements Preferred****.


Lastly, I Truly/ Genuinely Thank You for showing an interest in me: ).

PLEASE Feel free to call... reasonable hours ONLY-

AFTER eight (8am) or nine (9am) BEFORE ten (10pm) please... if only to say hello : ).

Please and Thank You.

I look  forward to hearing from you!

Adult Entertainment/ Companionship @ it's Finest!

"Lovely" * (941)681-0609 *


Live * Laugh * Lovely

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