Lovely Wants You to Know...

Let me first start by saying I genuinely thank you for showing an interest me!!!

AND taking the time to check out/read over my site as I require one to do so if they are indeed truly interested me.

I GREATLY appreciate it!

Also, when you do call me  & I do NOT answer

please try again - Google Voice #  and it sometimes will not ring through to me/connect call.


Secondly, I am NOT as busy as one may think as far meeting people from site.

I am indeed busy with life ie: family- FULL time single mama and other sources of income...

Nail Technician/ Specialist, Dog Bather/ Groomers Assistant, Caregiver.

College Educated (Majored in Psychlogy - obtaining Bachelor degree).

- Future Heart Centered Love/Relationship Coach, Sexpert and Wellness Spa Director, etc.

An Entrepreneur (growing the "Lovely" brand for Adult Entertainment and Beauty/Wellness businesses).

Subscription site, still in the works...

however I can and will make time for MY friends (YOU);

"Old" friends (those I have seen before) and "new" (those I have not met).


3) YOU must be willing to meet first, brief (10 minutes) meet and greet for a drink just

before session if you are wanting to be entertained in your hotel suite.

(Brief (10 minutes) meet and greet on me, session time on YOU).

If I agree to meet you, I am indeed interested; It's an added precaution for us both.


4)  I am NOT selling my body, I am selling entertainment offered,

companionship and the value I bring to our time together -The Lovely Experience!

Anything that happens during our time together is between two consenting [grown ass],

like minded, open-minded and sexually free-spirited adults.

Some people tend to understand at their level of perception, which has nothing to do with me.

I IMPLORE YOU to Find Out For Yourself.


5) If I agree to meet you,

that can ONLY happen if you were to CALL me,

As I will NOT make appointments, commit to ANYTHING.

...Nor do I book sessions through text or email for those I have not met.

Nor will I entertain endless emails and text that go nowhere.




6) To spend time with me is simple as READING over THIS site.

Once YOU have read over site, if you feel I may be someone you are interested in,

CALL me to make arangements to see one another.

My #1 goal is to make YOU happy by ENTERTAINING YOU.


7) I am NOT for everyone (QUALITY over quantity ALWAYS!) however

IF I agree to meet you whether we see one another again or not, I WILL uphold my end;

As I am wanting a MUTUALLY benefical relationship- ONLY.  

Again, I IMPLORE YOU to find out about me FOR YOURSELF...

YOU will be pleasantly suprised and satisfied or session is on ME!


8) Never Any Bait & Switch with Me,


Also, PLEASE do not confuse MY confidence with arrogance.

If I did NOT LOVE myself, how could I possibly LOVE and ENJOY what I do for and with YOU!!!


9) I am about SELECTIVELY forming LONG Lasting Connections & Friendships.

***On going Arrangements Preferred****.


Lastly, I Truly/ Genuinely Thank You for showing an interest in me.

PLEASE Feel free to call... if only to say hello.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Adult Entertainment/ Companionship @ it's Finest

Lovely Does it Better... Whatever "IT" May Be!!!

Xoxo Lovely!

"Lovely" * (941)681-0609 *

Lovely's Ettiquette

Live * Laugh * Lovely

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