- Lovely's Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

For the man who desires the deepest sensual connection...

Companionship @ it's Finest!































1)TWO (2) hour MINIMUM ($500 or MORE up to two hours) for LAST MINUTE/ SHORT notice SESSIONS,

Not CALLING at least one (1) day or so AHEAD of/or BEFORE desired session day.

$1000 for NOT READING MY SITE which I require/request one does If indeed interested.

2) Possible additional compensation for travel/drive time (for one (1) hour sessions) &/OR

TWO (2) hour MINIMUM at YOUR local place OVER thirty (30) minutes travel/drive time.

I am off exit 141 on I-75 in East Fort Myers!

Distant Locations Examples: N. Naples, North Port, etc. $300 one (1) hour or 500 up to two (2) hours.

3) Discount for second (2nd) hour to show You...

I am genuinely interested in forming a connection and to show you I truly care about forming said connection.

4) $200 for each additonal hour, AFTER two (2) hours unless otherwise mentioned;

To show Me, YOU care and are genuinely interested in me if you are wanting to spend OVER two (2) hours with me!

Prices subject to change without notice HOWEVER whatever YOU & I agreed to, will be my compensation for companionship & entetaining YOU!!!

5) Be SURE to READ over "F.Y.I." page for availabilty and other details Lovely wants YOU to know!

*** NOW accepting Major Credit Cards: ***

Live * Laugh * Lovely...

"Lovely" * (941) 681- 0609 *

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Lovely's "Throwback" Limited Time Offers

Holiday Offer:  

$300- Up to Two (2) Hours ONLY, by appointment ONLY!

Regular compensation for short notice calls!!!

"OLD" as well as "NEW" FRIENDS TOO!

MY place or YOUR LOCAL place (half hour (30 mintes) or less driving time.)



*As per agreement in stated offer even if time spent together is UNDER TWO hours,

I still get compensated for the two full hours.

*I am wanting to spend those two hours with you & have made arragements to do so.

*Regular compensation AFTER TWO (2HRS) @ $200 each additional hour,

as OFFER ONLY pertains to full two hours!

PLEASE feel free to Call with any TASTEFUL inquires.

"New" Friends

...My Place or Your Local Place!

$300- One (1) hour Or $500 up to Two (2) hours.


                                              Lovely's Overnight "Honeymoon Experience"

                                               $1500 -$2000 at My Place!

                                              $2000 - $2500 or More at Your Place!


By Appointment or Prebooking works best for me!

(Calling a day or so ahead of your desired visit date).

I am employeed to work, Friday- Sunday with a man that has Cerebral Palsy in Bradenton.

As of Friday 1/1/19- 3/1/19 until further notice...

Off weekends &Available for You (see Mon.-Thurs. availabilty)

My client will be traveling out of state for his work.

I am usually Unavailable:

Friday: Seven (5pm)- Sunday (7pm).


Monday- Thursday: Nine (9am)- Nine (9pm) maybe Ten (10pm).

Friday: Nine (9am)- Two (2pm).

Sunday after seven (7pm) until nine (9pm) maybe ten (10)for new friends